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Largest Hammer Tower Crane ('Tane Mahuta') in New Zealand

This is a 80m high tower section, 80m wide long boom section Hammer Tower Crane. 

All sections were dismantled and stored in our yard providing the customer with the flexibility they needed.  Also  having good accessibility to be able to shift each dismantled section into the front of our rear factory Plant B underneath our capacity of 2 x 10ton gantry cranes.  One of the main securing points for Metspray getting this project was our 20ton lifting capacity and large concreted yard area for easy clean access.  Metspray was to blast back the previously painted steel sections to a clean class 2.5 blast with a minimum profile of 40microns, and then apply the customer’s specified paint system.  This created unique challenges as each tower section was 2.1m high, 2.1 wide, and 6m long, weighing over 7ton, each boom section was 1.8m wide, 2m high, and 12m long, weighing over 6ton.  However with our lifting capacity in Plant B handling of these crane sections, was done with ease.  Loading these crane sections into the blast room was done effortlessly through 2 large 4m high by 3m wide doors, positioned at the front of the blast room.  Another difficult project made effortless due the well set up facilities.