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Westhaven Cycle / Walk way

This project was situated in an extremely high marine environment down at the Westhaven Harbour, Auckland. 

The cycle/walkway was suspended over salt water in a tidal environment.  Project consisted of 72 fabricated structural steel rafts at an average size of 10m long, 4.5 m wide, 500mm high, and approximately 3 ton each.  The project timeframe demanded that we produce on average 6 completed rafts every 2 weeks, with a very demanding coating system.  The coating specification consisted of a SA2.5 Abrasive Blast, Zinc (85%) / Aluminium (15%) Metal Spray, Carboguard 504 Epoxy Primer @ 35 microns, & Carboguard 690 Glass Flake @ 165 microns.

Metspray was able to achieve and compile with all requirements of the project, and finished the project well within the allotted timeframe.