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Westhaven Boardwalk

Durability and longevity were key in protecting the steel structure and balustrade panels of the Westhaven Boardwalk.

Project Duration

Area Coated

Durability and long-lasting protection were paramount in protecting the steel structures within the tidal and splash zone of the Hauraki Gulf, such as the ones Metspray coated for the Westhaven Boardwalk.

Metspray was commissioned to apply the thermal zinc/aluminium alloy metal spray and glass-filled epoxy coating system in-factory. Handling structural steel frames of 5 tonnes, each measuring 6m x 10m, posed its own challenges for ensuring a seamless coating film.

Metspray undertook onsite repair work (due to transport and erection damage), direct with Downer Construction to ensure the coating met integrity and warranty requirements.

During repair work, Metspray addressed challenges such as the proximity of tidal salt water and the need to adhere to strict environmental requirements to ensure no contamination of the surrounding area.

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