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At Metspray, we believe that being in business isn’t just about the bottom line. It’s also about contributing to our community in the small yet consistent ways we can. We consider it a privilege to support the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, the Special Children’s Christmas Party and Coastguard New Zealand's Howick Unit.


The Auckland rescue helicopter trust

At Metspray, we value people. Our staff, clients, stakeholders, family, friends and our community. They're adventure seekers, DIYers, and people with ongoing medical conditions. It could be one of our people, a family member or friend who needs life-saving medical care in the future, so it makes sense to us to give to a cause like the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust.

ARHT is staffed full-time by highly experienced flight crew, consisting of pilots, intensive care paramedics, pre-hospital and retrieval medicine doctors and air crew officers. We’d like to acknowledge the commitment and sacrifice these people make every day they show up and express our utmost appreciation for the work they do.

The people at Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust do an exceptional job at providing pre-hospital and retrieval medicine as well as search and rescue, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That's why this year, we donated to the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust to support a full 60-minute rescue mission.

special children's christmas Parties

Special Children’s Christmas Parties host spectacular Christmas and extravaganza parties for children who live with life threatening illness, physical or intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or in underprivileged circumstances.


They’ve been putting on magical Christmas events throughout New Zealand for special children and their families since 1998 and extravaganzas since 2005.


We want to see children happy and beaming with smiles for a day, regardless of the challenges they’re experiencing in life. That’s why we’ve been sponsoring Special Children’s Christmas parties every year since 2016. It’s a day to help these children  forget everything else that’s going on, where parents and caregivers can relax, connect with others, and feel like they’re not alone. So the more children they can invite, the better!


“The smiles on the children’s faces are priceless. They are so happy and overjoyed that some of them cry knowing that they are just like the rest of us who attend. For many children including my son, this is the only place that he feels normal.”                                                            -Raewyn Sofman

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coastguard howick

Last year Coastguard's 2100 volunteers gave their time to help bring nearly 8,000 Kiwis home safely, to dry land - from Cape Rēinga to Bluff and across the coastlines, major rivers and lakes of Aotearoa when they faced potentially life-threatening situations on the water.


Coastguard is on a mission to help Kiwis get the best out of their time on the water, safely and with confidence through education programmes and community initiatives, by providing critical marine communications infrastructures and safety and information services.


Coastguard is a charity that’s 70% funded by donations, so none of this would be possible without the financial support Coastguard receives from their funders, partners, members and donors, who generously give to Coastguard.


Metspray is proud to support Coastguard's Howick Unit, by donating services like grit blasting, zinc spraying and protective coating to their equipment as requested.

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