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Auckland Zoo

Metspray provided the protective coating to many of the enclosures that make up the new South East Asian Jungle Track at Auckland Zoo.

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Most notably, the Siamang climbing frames, the poles that give the Orangutans' ‘treehouses’ their height, the poles that provide structure to the fence surrounding the Tiger Enclosure, and the Swamp Forest Bridge.

The orangutan and siamang climbing frames were a unique challenge due to their size and complexity. The coating system also had to provide adequate corrosion protection, high abrasion resistance, low heat capacitance, and enough texture that the orangutans could grip to it. This set of criteria put even our most skilled applicators to the test, and our processes were adapted to meet these specific needs. A fantastic result was delivered to the clients - Intan, Kera, Melur and Charlie - who are stoked with their new tree houses, and patrons of Auckland Zoo love seeing them swinging between the ‘trees’.

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