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project management

At Metspray, we're proud to offer a highly experienced and qualified Project Management team with a diverse range of industry expertise. Our team are committed to achieving results - of the highest quality workmanship - no matter the scope of your coatings project.

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients, prioritising strategic planning whilst emphasising safety in every project we undertake. Our team incorporates each project’s critical components into every planning model. We know that it’s essential to have an effective project plan that outlines the timeline, expenses, and expected outcomes in precise detail. Because having a flawed plan can be just as detrimental as having no plan at all. At Metspray, we approach each project by identifying its needs, objectives, scope, and deliverables, and we create a detailed schedule based on real-life experience. Our planning model includes risk assessment, assumption analysis, and resource allocation to ensure a successful outcome.

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What components are considered critical for project planning?

Scope At Metspray, we consider the project scope statement as the most significant part of any project plan. It lays the foundation for all other aspects of the project schedule. The scope statement outlines the project's steps and requirements, serving as a point of reference for obtaining agreement and buy-in from external stakeholders involved in the project. To ensure that all stakeholders are informed, we have developed a unique, highly comprehensive system to finalise and accurately record all relevant project data.

Schedule At Metspray, we understand the difference between a project plan and a project schedule, (terms that are commonly confused in our industry). Our experienced project management team treat these items as two separate components: There's a common misconception that a project plan and a project schedule are stand-alone elements of the project management process. In actual fact, a project schedule forms part of the overarching project plan. A project schedule includes estimated timeframes for each task, with some extra room for flexibility and dependencies. In essence it’s a detailed timeline which shows the duration of the project, who’s responsible for what, and the start and end dates for each task.

Requirements At Metspray, we understand that even though a project plan is a living set of documents that will change throughout the project, it is necessary to set a deliberate course to meet the project objectives. Our Project Managers analyse the needs of all parties involved and determine the required actions to achieve them. As part of our project planning process, we ask key questions such as: What objectives must the project achieve to be successful? And what features and capabilities should the deliverables have?

Quality Assurance At Metspray, we take pride in our uncompromising dedication to quality and compliance, demonstrated by our ISO 9001 accreditation and affiliation with industry-leading organisations. This unwavering focus on quality is implemented in our projects through robust processes that ensure that project requirements and deliverables meet and exceed quality expectations. Our meticulous Quality Assurance plans focus on preventing errors throughout the project's execution, rather than merely inspecting the final deliverable at the end. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensures that the finished result meets the required specifications, and satisfies the expectations of executive teams, project sponsors, and advisors.

Resource Allocation At Metspray, we believe in ensuring that every project is adequately resourced to meet the client's expectations, while staying on budget. Our experienced project team carefully unpacks each project, allocating the required skills for each task, and managing the project's efficiency to keep it within budget. We incorporate these elements into the master work schedule to identify any possible resource constraints at the outset and mitigate them through work peaks, ensuring the project goals are met.

Communication List – Aconex, Conqa, etc. At Metspray, communication protocols are established with our clients right from the start of a project to ensure communication channels are clear and streamlined, especially when multiple departments are involved. A well-defined communication plan outlines clear actions for updating external stakeholders and team members. It also specifies the type of updates each party can expect, highlighting which decisions require approval and review, with clear indication of responsibility for each step. We provide regular feedback on project status to our clients and immediately inform them of any significant changes that require a change management process through RFI. We utilize a variety of platforms to communicate with our clients and share required documentation. These range from a simple email update, to more formal communication lines such as Aconex or Conqa, depending on the complexity and scope of the project.

Risk management At Metspray, our priority is to assess project risks at the very outset and incorporate these into the project plan. We approach each new project with fresh vigilance in care and attention to detail, ensuring our clients are well informed of any unforeseen risks. Our risk management plan allows for opportunities for improvements and mitigation in the event of unexpected circumstances. We plan for and identify any potential events, evaluate their impact on project outcomes, and develop a mitigation plan to ensure the Project Management team is well versed in how to respond to each event. We know that risk is inevitable, but the best project plans include comprehensive risk management strategies to ensure early identification and control of risk.

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