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health, safety
& Environment

Our people are key to what we do - their safety is our highest priority. 

At Metspray, we’re committed to providing a safe work environment that contributes to staff wellbeing. We work continually to reinforce a culture of ‘Safety First’. Taking measures to reduce our impact on the natural environment forms part of our standard procedures, and we’re working with our suppliers to improve our sustainability outcomes.

The health and safety of our staff, clients, and project stakeholders is of absolute importance and we’re active in protecting this. Onsite we safeguard existing services and surrounding structures, preventing disruption and damage. We also make sure we capture any byproducts of our processes to dispose of responsibly, so they’re not contaminating the natural environment.

We continuously strive to foster a positive workplace culture of Health and Safety, empowering our staff to speak up on any matters - whether large or small - they are all considered to be of impact.


We are a member of SiteSafe and have SiteWise Gold certification.

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