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At Metspray, our team of Certified Inspectors and corrosion experts are equipped to offer a range of asset management services, including coatings inspection and testing. We conduct surface preparation and coatings inspections, testing and assessments using the latest cutting-edge technology.

We perform a varied range of surface preparation inspections including: •Testing of soluble salt levels •Water break-free test •Determining the grade of steel and associated pitting •Equipment set-up checks •Blotter test, checking for contaminants in compressed air •Blast pressure test at the nozzle to ensure optimum productivity •Visual standards of cleanliness based on SSPC, AS/NZ, and ISO standards •Blast profile readings •Assessment of blast media Our coating inspections and assessments include: •Coatings compatibility and design best practices •Monitoring of Environmental conditions •Interpreting technical data sheets and enforcement •Data collection •Wet film thickness checks •Dry film thickness checks •Low and high-voltage testing •Adhesion testing With an uncompromising commitment to quality, Metspray values transparency and encourages third-party inspections as and when required. We bring a wealth of experience to each new project and build on our best practices and learnings from every job we complete. We pride ourselves on carefully reviewing the specifications and strive to add maximum value to each project, resulting in the exceptional quality we deliver and increasing your asset's lifespan.


our work at the NZICC consists of over 120,ooosqm of structural steel that is meticulously tracked and traced TO bring THE BUILDING INTO COMPLIANCE. 

Maintenance Plans and surveys

Maintenance plans are crucial for ensuring that aged infrastructure remains functional and safe. At Metspray, we assist clients in developing Asset Integrity Plans in-house. We conduct condition assessments of the infrastructure, considering each asset's age, life expectancy, and current condition. Based on our findings, we propose a maintenance scope tailored to the specific needs of the asset. 

We use a range of destructive and non-destructive tests and visual inspections to determine the scope of coating remediation required to meet client expectations and deliver the best results. We can also assess corrosion rates through AS/NZ TS3404 and HERA R133 and produce specifications in line with AS/NZ 2312 that meet durability requirements. Our inspections on aged coatings follow ISO standards, and we work closely with clients to develop remediation plans that meet their requirements. Our experienced team can assist with the project front end and provide consultation services for new builds. With over 10% of New Zealand's NACE CIP 2 specialists on our team, we are thoroughly-equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during the project. i.Service Offerings - Maintenance and Surveys •Inspections on structural steel, piping and equipment for industries not limited to the following: •Petrochem, Oil and Gas (Internal & External Linings, CUI Health Check •Process Equipment •Fireproofing Coatings suitability (inhouse certified fireproofing inspector Domestic and Wastewater Infrastructure, including pipe internal linings Engineered Wrapping and sealing solutions ii.Project Technical Support •Assist in developing maintenance strategies to best practices •Modes of Coating and lining failure analysis •Assessments of existing coatings on process equipment, domestic and wastewater treatment plants, infrastructure, above-ground storage tanks, offshore platforms, and steel structures •Thermal energy and imaging assessment •Corrosion Engineering Assessments: consider asset environmental influences, expected design life and minimum duration to first maintenance while also considering the complexity of maintenance and providing practical coatings solutions for assets to meet applicable codes. •Ongoing inspection and testing throughout the project, through to completion and handover. •Audit and/or maintain and deliver excellent Quality Assurance documentation for each project. iii.Services Offerings - New Builds •Collaborate with Project Managers and Architects to select the most suitable coating specification to meet the desired asset lifecycle and achieve project outcomes. •Review the scope of work and consult with clients to understand the project's quality needs. •Write or review coatings specifications tailored to suit the project needs. •Prepare and maintain project inspection and test plans tailored to suit the requirements for the specification of the relevant coating, to ensure the finished project meets specifications with minimal chances of premature failure. •Maintain and deliver excellent Quality Assurance documentation for each project.

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