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Metspray (NZ) 2013 Limited, are specialists in the grit blasting and garnet blasting of steel and non-ferrous metals, metal arc spraying and the application of industrial coatings for steel fabricators, construction companies, consulting engineers and other civil and industrial clients throughout the greater Auckland area.

A long-established company, Metspray has been providing an efficient, professional service for more than 50 years, currently operating from 2 factories in East Tamaki.

Our services include:

Total Blasting Solutions

  • Steel Grit Blasting – for quicker efficient cleaning of fabricated structural, industrial and civil steel, achieving a profile which complies with minimum and maximum specifications.
  • Garnet – for cleaning and profiling of non-ferrous metals.
  • Low Pressure Garnet Blasting – for cleaning and profiling of galvanised steel with minimal loss of zinc.
  • Site Garnet Blasting – flexible and professional service for repair of steel surfaces in difficult environments.

Total Coatings Solutions

  • Thermal Arc Spraying – a comprehensive corrosion protection using zinc and ally thermal arc spray, which offers maximum corrosion protection for steel surfaces. Can be left by itself or coated with a vinyl aluminium sealer or duplex paint coating, to achieve a finer finish and increase life expectancy until first major maintenance.
  • Paint – we offer a complete coating solutions from shop-applied primers, Inorganic and Organic Zinc Coatings, Epoxy Coatings, and Urethane coatings used in a wide range of applications from Structural Steel, Industrial Facilties, Plant and Machinery, Commercial and Civil fabricated steel work.
  • Zinc Flame Spraying – for flexible application of zinc for weld touch ups and steel structures in onsite applications.

Small to Large project capability

  • 2 blasting rooms within 2 factories – a 27m long, 8m wide and 3m high blast room in our front factory (Plant A), and a 17m long, 8m wide and 5.5m high blast room in our back factory (Plant B).
  • 2 factories allowing for greater flexibility and ability to take on larger projects as well as to service the needs of our small to medium clients - no job is too small or too big for our operation.
  • 7000m2 under crane of which 5500m2 is within our factories, 1500m2 of load out area, under crane at the front of our rear factory (Plant B).
  • 4 load in/load out points
  • Over 6000m2 of concrete yard/storage area
  • 20 ton lifting capacity in our back factory (Plant B), and 5 ton lifting capacity in our front factory (Plant A).

Onsite blasting, Thermal Hot Zinc Wire Spray & Coating

We have the capability and expertise of Onsite Abrasive Blasting, Thermal Hot Zinc Wire Spray and Industrial Coating utilising our well set up site truck and compressor system.

Zinc Wire and Thermion Arc Spray Machines

We supply 1.6mm, 2.3mm, 3.18mm and 4.78mm zinc wire and Thermion Arc Spray Machines to a wide range of industries.

Domestic Market

No job is too small or too big for Metspray. We provide Abrasive Blasting, Thermal Zinc Spray Coatings for items such as boat trailers, fencing, balastrading, gates and other coatings for steel manufactured items.

Commercial/Industrial & Civic Markets

See our Past Projects demonstrating our capabilities for handling these large demanding markets.

Past Projects


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